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Hang It Up provides service to many areas in the CSRA.  We are focused in Augusta, North Augusta, Evans, Grovetown, and Martinez.   We welcome the opportunity to provide you with great service and value.  You’ll save time and money while enjoying hassle free dry cleaning and laundry.

Here’s how it works:  We supply all our customers with a bright pink laundry bag and a wreath hanger that fits over your door.  We pick up and deliver to your neighborhood on a specific day each week (we will assign your day once we have your information).   Our customers in all our areas except 29841 in N. Augusta need to have their bags out by 6:30 AM,  preferably hanging on the front door (visible from street).  For North Augusta customers with the 29841 zip code, pickups begin at 6 AM.  Our driver will drive by and if your bag is out they will pick it up.  If you have no order, the driver will continue to the next house on the list.  We will come by every week on your assigned day.  Your clothes will be returned to you the next day, late afternoon – early evening.  For example, if your pick up is Monday morning, your delivery day is Tuesday evening.  Our driver will hang your clothes on your wreath hanger and ring your door bell to alert you.  Then he will continue to the next delivery.  No one needs to be home for pick up or delivery.  You will receive a reminder phone call the evening before your pick up.

Hang It Up is a full service cleaner doing everything a store front dry cleaner does.  This includes dry cleaning, laundry, fluff, press only, alterations, comforters, draperies, and sleeping bags.

Hang It Up will bill you monthly for your invoices.  Accounts close on the 25th of the month and you should receive your bill by mail the first of the following month.  With your bill you will receive a return envelope to return payment by the 15th of the month.  You can also pay by internet banking.  There are no contracts or hidden cost with our service.  There is a one time bag and hook deposit of $10.00 which will post on your first bill.  This is a totally refundable deposit and will be returned if you choose to discontinue the service and return the bag and hook.

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