Seasonal Storage

March 05, 2010  |   News & Promotions   |     |  
Seasonal Storage

from How Stuff Works

If your winter clothes need to be protected from moths you’ll find the time spent on storing your clothes properly will reward you the next time you want to wear them.

  • Always store clean clothes and comforters.  Food stains attract moths.
  • New garbage cans make good storage for clothing.  If they are airtight, and you are storing freshly cleaned clothes, you won’t need mothballs.
  • If your cedar closet is old and no longer smells of cedar, lightly sand its surfaces.  The sanding will open the wood’s pores and release a fresh cedar odor.
  • The cedar odor only repels moths; it doesn’t kill them.
  • *Mothproofing products should be placed as high as possible in the closet because the fumes filter downward.